A seed planted in the right soil will grow and blossom. The same is true for your business. At Mind Garden we know how important it is for your business to take root in the right environment in order for it to grow tall. That’s why we’ve designed our bright and airy office spaces with plenty of natural light to create the best space for you to thrive in. We’ve also created the perfect balance of private and communal office spaces, so whatever type of seed your business is, it will germinate and grow at Mind Garden.

Long term leases, deposits, utility bills are all weeds that can choke a start up business. That’s why we aim to be as weed free as possible without the hassle of any long term commitments and unnecessary costs to you. We offer the flexibility of hot desking by the day or month. The option of monthly fixed desks or your own private office suite of up to 10 people. It’s your business so you decide how you want to grow it.

Nurturing your business with the right elements is crucial for its growth and success. We have all the amenities you need from a well equipped gym with locker area and shower to stop you from wilting. A relaxed break out area when you need to unwind. High tech meeting rooms for when you need to gather your troops together.

Plus the bonus of lightening speed wi-fi, sound proofed phone booths, multi function copier/scanner/printer on every floor, on site Mind Gardener available 9am-6:30pm Mon-Fri, lockable filing cabinets, a bike shed, fully equipped kitchens on every floor and an endless supply of tea and coffee!

No garden is complete without its budding blooms. Our aim is to see your business grow and flourish. That’s why we also offer events and seminars to cultivate your business acumen and grow your network. With hard work and determination, you can reap the rewards of a good harvest at Mind Garden.